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Plebb was founded in 1976 and were from the town Mönsterås in Sweden. Despite their young age, they created a unique and special style, of course, inspired by many of the era's famous rock bands and artists. It is of course the prominent role of the guitars and the songs unusual build that has become Plebb's token. The album "Yes it isn't it" became a milestone in their careers.

The band name was based on the initials of the first band members names, The “P” for “Pemce”. “LeB” for “Leif Bergqvist” and the last “b” for “Balder”. In the early newspaper clippings we were very keen on the spelling “PLeBb” for some reason. We were aware of the Plebeians from the Roman empire but all the other oppressive expressions on Plebb had however not reached our home town at the time.

The summer 1977 Leif Bergqvist had to leave the band due to an illness. Peter Martinsson replaced him on the guitar and the band started to develop and began to write own songs infuenced by their musical role models.

Mönsterås has despite being a small community always had a rich music life and has produced many famous and unknown artists in different genres. Some that have influenced us and to some we have been the inspiration.

This was the debut album for all the band members. More is coming from all of us but in other constellations than Plebb. Today we see two of the former members in Peter Martinsson Group.

Band members

Tommy Gustavsson, Bass vocal
Peter Martinsson, Guitar vocal
Ronnie Nilsson, Drums
Per-Martin Petersson, Guitar vocal

Discography with releases with Plebb

Yes it isn't it
℗ 1979

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