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How Great Thou Art / The Bark Bread Song
O Store Gud / Barkbrödlåten
Peter Martinsson Group

Available at your digital music shop December 4th, 2015

Peter Martinsson Group makes a temporary musical turn, goes traditional and issue two very classic Swedish folklore songs.

One is the world wide known song that also Elvis Presley took on once upon a time, 'How great thou art'. A famous religious song that has its roots from the band members home town of Mönsterås, Sweden.

The second song is a song from the harsh times of bad harvest when the grain was not enough for making the bread. Bark from trees was blended in to complement the dough. The bark bread song (Barkbrödlåten) is a well known melancholic song known to most of the Swedish public. Peter Martinsson makes his very own instrumental, brave and rocky interpretation of these classical songs.

After the PMG’s debut album “Guitar State of Mind”, released on Grooveyard Records in 2012, they in 2014 made the CD album “No Grey” as a private press. With his old brother in arms the drummer Ulf Becker, Peter Martinsson again goes back to his musical roots and is bringing in two of his early playmates Tommy Gustavsson (keyboard) and Kent Sandelius (bass) for these recordings. Just to broaden the process creating and arranging new music Peter says.

This time he is also releasing the songs on the old Plebb Records label.

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Här är en teaser för den nya singeln ./ Here is some teaser for the new release.

Posted by Peter Martinsson Group on Saturday, November 21, 2015


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