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Plebb Records AB is an independent label heading for issuing upcoming artists mainly on digital media. The label was founded in 1978 when it released 3 vinyl productions. Since then the label has however slept well but is now slowly waking up.

The first task was to rerelease the vinyl productions from the past to digital media. Now the singles of Ronnie Nilsson and Peter Martinsson Group shines in the catalogue of new releases.

New albums with P.M.G in September!!!

A CD and a classic vinyl LP are on its way. The first physical media release from Plebb records since 1981!

Also a box is available including a unique PMG T-shirt.

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P.M.G's latest full length album reissued!

Remade, remixed, remastered!

Peter Martinsson Group has made a total makeover of the former CD album "No Grey" and have now released it on the digital channels. That is why we call it the "Second Edition". A full length album with 11 instrumental songs!

With his old brother in arms the drummer Ulf Becker, Peter Martinsson has created a stunning album covering styles from heavy rock guitars to cool jazz rock riff.

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A traditional single with P.M.G

Peter Martinsson Group makes a temporary musical turn, goes traditional and issue two very classic Swedish folklore songs.

Peter Martinsson makes his very own instrumental, brave and rocky interpretation of these classical songs.

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The vinyls digitally reissued!

After more than 30 years of silence the record label "Plebb Records" slowly gets back to life and restarts its activities by documenting and reissuing the former vinyl productions by the bands Plebb, Ictus and Purple Haze.
As a special Christmas happening in 2013 Plebb Records released all their vinyl productions to digital media.

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